What The Hell! Shocked, Speachless & Hurt!

Part Two. So, I waited and waited, no reply, no communication what so ever from Ryan! He knew the state I was in before he did this to me! And with no dought about it, known how much more of a state I would end up! I woke at seven thirty nine in the Thursday…… Continue reading What The Hell! Shocked, Speachless & Hurt!

What The Hell! Shocked, Speachless & Hurt!

Part One. I don’t know where to start! I haven’t been able to write anything for over a week now! Just did not know what to write, how to put what was happening into words! Ryan fucking happened! Friday, the 26th March, nearly two weeks ago. I went up to see Ryan. I didn’t think…… Continue reading What The Hell! Shocked, Speachless & Hurt!

Too Late….

Saturday night….Last thing I expected was to spend the next twelve hours, laughing, walking and exploring an old abandoned Manor House! Specially doing this with Ryan! If you remember from my previous blog ‘Lowest Of The Lows’ Ryan kicked me out New Year’s Day morning! Strained is putting it lightly, since that day! Weeks of…… Continue reading Too Late….

It’s Really Happening!

I’ve started the ball rolling officially for the big move! A few lose ends to tie up, and I am good to go! Anxious to fuck, to say the least! This is for the best I know it is! It has to be! I can finally get settled and have somewhere to call home! Well…… Continue reading It’s Really Happening!